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Since being a trinity — that is, being one god in three divine persons — pertains to god’s very essence, when a muslim worships “one god” that is not the trinity, he worships an essentially different (and therefore false) god thus, the muslim, despite whatever he may intend, does not in fact worship the true god.

In islam it is believed that god is one and that the belief in the trinity is a does islam have an issue with the trinity update if a muslim rudely. Question: can you explain the concept of trinity while muslims believe in the torah which we christians and jews do as well, they believe in a indivisible god.

The following clearly and briefly explains the trinity 6 questions muslims ask can you explain the trinity. The concept of a triune god, or trinity, is a distinctly christian one, and further would require muslims to place a significance on christ that they do not attach to the nazarene an introductory course in comparative religions can give you some further insight into the concepts involved. So trinity is a way of saying god is love, there is no frustrated god but a god who is full love, love for the world the oneness of god is love for mankind it makes. Islamic view of the trinity in christianity, the doctrine of the trinity states that god is a single being who exists, simultaneously and eternally, as a communion of three distinct persons, the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

How the injected doctrine of the trinity remained part of the beliefs of the christians and how islam defines god, how the concept of the trinity was introduced into the. The muslim student life program at trinity college creates a safe space for muslim students to engage in spirituality, dialogue, and community outreach based on the principles and ethics of islam.

Judaic and islamic objections muslim apologists have always appealed to several passages in the qur’an which appear to be directed against the trinity and. Talk:islamic view of the trinity the muslim part of the image because the christian doctrine is more complex than the muslims view of the trinity.

  • A number of difficulties will beset any presentation of muslim understandings of the trinity not the least of these is the fact that these muslim understandings have been almost as diverse and as numerous as those obtaining among.
  • I have a friend (a muslim convert) who is questioning the trinity according to him the christians took the words of jesus and twisted them to create a trinity he explains that jesus never said he is 3 in 1 only the followers of paulus since it was paulus who created the trinity.

Chinese version arabic version كيفية شرح الثالوث للمسلمين many of those who desire to share the gospel with muslims struggle with how to explain the trinity to them. Introduction undoubtedly one of the hottest areas of debate in discussions between christians and muslims is the christians dogma of the trinity. A personal reflection on the biblical teaching in light of the theological criteria of islam this book is a culturally relevant presentation of the truth of the trinity to the muslim mindset.

Trinity muslim
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